Fiduciary and Corporate Services

The fiduciary and corporate services team at Gresham Wealth are experienced, legally adept professionals who will work with you to establish trusts, give you banking options, and plan and administer wills and estates. Effective financial advice gives life to your wishes for what will happen after your death – and we are here to support you and your family every step of the way.

Estate Planning & Wills
Your will is the vehicle for your estate plan. We help you to structure and plan your financial affairs to ensure your legacy is handed down in accordance with your wishes - and as cost-effectively as possible.
Trust & Estate Administration
We help you to build and control assets through the establishment and administration of inter vivos trusts. We also walk alongside your family, effectively administering and winding up your deceased estate after you pass away.
Private Banking
Enjoy personalised private banking services and low to no bank charges through high interest bearing call and term deposit accounts with leading financial institutions.
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Gresham Wealth combines long-standing legal experience and extensive industry knowledge to provide specialist fiduciary and corporate services to our clients and their families.

Gresham Personal Financial and Estate Planning

At Gresham Wealth, we empower our clients to achieve their financial objectives and take care of their financial priorities – and our dedication to every one of our clients extends to their families and business interests after they are gone. Our Corporate and Fiduciary Solutions are geared towards providing seamless succession of asset transfer through an already difficult time.

Gresham Wealth Offers Its Clients Financial Planning and Advisory Services:

Wealth Management

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Solutions

Employee Solutions

  • Pension and Provident Funds
  • Group Retirement Annuities
  • Business Assurance